The thing that got us attracted to visit this place is their reception. It makes such a statement. It is giraffe themed just as the Lodge name suggests. The seats are also picture perfect. However don’t expect to see giraffes there, at least not yet πŸ™‚

It is a good destination for a three and half hours road trip being around 190 km from Nairobi. It is also quite a distance from Nyeri town, 36 km. From the Nyeri – Nyahururu highway a rough road leads there with sharp winding. There are amazing views along the way.

Next to the reception there’s a lounge with super cosy seats and interior. It just oozes out an air of seriousness. We loved the leather seats.

If you desire to have Chinese delicacies, Giraffe Ark have a Chinese restaurant which serves Chinese meals.

There’s a general restaurant too which has a giraffe themed interior. The orange color blends well with their setup.

Our favorite place in this Lodge is a certain room upstairs. It gives a good view of the whole lodge and you should get there to view the sunset. Yet again the guy who did the interior design over did themselves! Picture that with ancient furniture set strategically in the room – A place where one can immerse in reading a good book. Feels like a postcard photo.

They have a big chess court. Let the smartest win while those who have no idea how chess is played take some bomb bossy photos. This is the first place that we ever saw this concept of an outdoor chess. The swimming pool is nearby.

They have a stable and the rider guide is amazing. Make sure you take a snap while taking the horse ride for the #TBTs πŸ™‚ They have a fountain which brings some serenity just watching it do its thing. The architecture of the buildings just makes a good blend with nature.

When we visited they had an offer of a platter plus swimming at 2,000 Kenyan Shillings for three people. One of those you look at and you left wondering if it’s for real or just a hoax and you decide to carry extra cash just in case. Quick math; that’s Kshs. 670 per person, you get to swim and have a big platter full of fries, mukimo, chicken, sausages, beef and salad.

Our fears for this was that the platter won’t be filling but nooo these people don’t joke with food. We ate and almost had left overs. The food was sumptuous (remember that word in compositions in High School πŸ˜‰ This offer expired but they have offers from time to time which they post on their social media pages especially during the festive seasons so keep checking them out.


Swimming500 Kenyan shillings for Adults and 300 Kenyan Shillings for Children (Water aerobics, Water polo)
Horse Riding500 Kenyan Shillings
Bike Riding200 Kenyan Shillings
Play area for childrenSwings, bouncing castle
Giant Outdoor Chess
Volleyball play area
Game drives to Solio Ranch 18,000 Kenyan Shillings


By public means:

  1. At Tea Room in CBD Board matatus going to Nyeri: Cost is 350 – 400 Kenyan Shillings
  2. Nyeri to Kiawara at 150 Kenyan Shillings (Alight at Giraffe Ark there is a big signage )
  3. From the highway take a motor bike to the Lodge at 100 – 150 Kenyan Shillings

Tip: When leaving Nyeri request your driver to take you up to the lodge especially if you are a large group, you can also take their contact so that they come for you in the evening. Motorbikes are not as many at the Giraffe Ark stage. There is also this small town past Giraffe Ark where you can get motorbikes, take their contacts too.

By private means:

One can do a round tour road trip: From Nairobi to Nyahururu to Giraffe Ark. Coming from Nyahururu you’ll get to the Lodge first then go back to Nairobi through Nyeri. I love 360 round road trips. The Nyeri -Nyahururu highway is very scenic. Click here for Google Map directions


Resident rates:

RoomSingle B/BSingle H/BSingle F/BDouble B/BDouble H/BDouble F/B
Deluxe Suite8,0009,00010,00012,00014,00016,000
Luxury Suite9,00010,00011,00014,00016,00018,000
Executive Suite10,00011,00012,00016,00018,00020,000
Royal Suite14,00016,00018,00020,00022,00024,000
Premier Suite25,000 25,000 25,000 30,00030,00030,000

Non resident rates:

They have large grounds for team building and also big meeting rooms for conferences. The rates are as below: All inclusive of use of grounds and conference room .

Single on Half Board at 9, 500 Kenyan Shillings

Package includes Bed & Breakfast, two teas and snacks, Lunch or Dinner, (2) 500 ml bottles of mineral water, (1) 300ml bottle of soda or 1/2ltr bottle of mineral water

Single on Full Board at 11,000 Kenyan Shillings

Package includes Bed and Breakfast, two teas and snacks, Lunch, Dinner, (2) 500ml bottles of mineral water, (1) 300ml bottle of soda or Β½ ltr bottle of mineral water

Per person sharing on Full Board at 9,000 Kenyan Shillings

Package includes Bed and Breakfast, two teas and snacks, Lunch, Dinner, (2) 500ml bottles of mineral water, (1) 300ml bottle of soda or Β½ ltr bottle of mineral water

Day Package at 3, 000 Kenyan Shillings

Includes 2 teas and snacks, buffet Lunch, 2 bottles of 1/2ltr mineral water,1 soft drink or 1/2ltr bottle of mineral water

Half Day Package at 2, 600 Kenyan Shillings

Includes 1 tea and snacks, buffet Lunch, 1 bottle of 1/2ltr mineral water, 1 soft drink or 1/2ltr bottle of mineral water.

Contacts: +254 702 278 722 , +254 743 800 800


  • From Nairobi to Nyeri: 400 Kenyan Shillings
  • From Nyeri to Giraffe Ark: 150 Kenyan Shillings
  • From the highway to the Lodge on Motor Bike: 150 Kenyan Shillings
  • Swimming:500 Kenyan Shillings
  • Meals: 1,000 Kenyan Shillings

With 3,000 Kenyan Shillings one will have a good day trip to Giraffe Ark Game Lodge

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